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Are you psychic?

One recurring theme in all the readings I have done is that so many of us are walking around not realizing that we are seeing and reacting to energies all around us. Not everyone is a full blown psychic medium, but I do believe we all have abilities to some extent. It is a personal choice as to how far each and every one of us wants to expand and re-enforce these abilities. With this in mind, I am called to start some "psychic exercises" with those of you who are willing and ready. I am not really sure how this will come about, as my guides are the ones in control of this! I do feel that the time to do this is SOON! So keep an eye out in my blog--I will keep you posted on the how and when of it all!

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Barbara Hatfield
Barbara Hatfield
04 de ago. de 2019

Can’t wait!

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