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Exercise 4-Be yourself-Always!

I's been a while! But so much energy has been swirling around, it has been hard to grab just one gem to write about! These past few weeks have really been all about being true to WHO you are--giving up fear, releasing doubt and allowing your light to shine in a way it never has before. So much of what we fear is bullshit--FEAR is just false evidence appearing real! Oh, my old-soul friends, even as we have been brainwashed by this era of "reality", we instinctually have felt that what we have been "taught" is just a bit, well, off! And we are right! So, with this in mind, let us jump right in to the next exercise. This is actually a pretty heavy duty one! You will make 2 lists. List one will be all the limiting rules, lessons or just "wisdom" you have been given over the years. (IE: It's just your imagination, you can't talk to trees, animals, the dead, etc. That kind of thing.) List two will consist of who you are as your guides see you. Yes, you will have to ask them! This may some time to complete. It's ok, there is no rush! You did not get to where you are over-night, so why would deconstructing years of boundaries happen that way? This is serious stuff. This is going to utilize all the previous exercises we have covered, so if you have to go back and review, do so! Being an energy worker is not an easy row to hoe. It takes work. It takes time. It takes commitment.

Once you have gotten your lists completed, you will take the first one and burn it with the intention of freeing yourself from the restrictions that you wrote down. If you want to do it as a ceremony, feel free! The second one you will keep. It is up to you how you honor this list. You can frame it, make it a song, artwork, however it will become and remain a part of you. Embrace who you are. You are important to this world, this time, this realm. Never forget that. Love to all of you. Shine, shine, shine!

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