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Exercise 5-Read 'em and don't weep!

So, you have been doing a lot of self work, and congrats, 'cause that is not easy stuff! It's never a cake walk to look within in an honest and sincere manner .But you have done that; and I hope, are still working on it. But guess what? It's not all about you! I know, it stings...I hate it too! However, now that the inner work is in the flow, so to speak, it is time to look outward at, well, the whole tree! You've come to see your own light, now it is time to find the shine in others.

I met someone today who literally dances in light! She has no idea, and actually voiced to me that she has no self confidence. All she sees is the envelope of what she is, not who she is. I was in the working environment, so I was not at liberty to share what I "see" in her, but I know I will meet her again and will arrange a time to talk on a more personal level.

Exercise 5 is all about "seeing" through the envelope, the human body, to the being inside. This can take a long time to master, and that is ok. The next time you are shopping, at a restaurant, sitting in the park, wherever there are people, focus in on the energy of those around you. It can be overwhelming if there are many people, so choose the time and place when you are relaxed and READY! That is the key. Don't rush this. If you feel anxiety just thinking about doing this, work more with your guides until the time is right. Don't worry, you'll know.

Once you have focused into the energy fields around you, you will be able to "read" the vibrations of people. Again, the more you practice and listen to what your guides are "telling" you, the more comfortable you will become at "seeing", "feeling", "hearing" and sensing abilities in others. I just want to to notice and understand the light in others...I do not expect you to walk up to strangers and read them in the street. Just tune in. That's it. Find the shine--don't invade their inner selves. Only read people who have given you permission.

A person may be an "easy read", but don't delve in unless asked to.

So, you are to look for the light, the shine, the true pure being. Just give them a nod, and move on. And sometimes, they even nod back!

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