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Where has the time gone?

I know, it's been a minute! I haven't written in my blog since 2020! I was feeling a bit guilty, but then I put it in perspective:

Within the last 2 years I have moved to Virginia, We are Tree has spawned Tree Tribe, I survived A-fib, Congestive Heart Failure and Breast Cancer. So, I think I deserve a minute, don't you?

We are on the brink of something big, my friends! Humanity is being molded and shaped like never before! Evolution is happening right before our eyes and we are in the forefront of it! Exciting, but also strange and a bit frightening. Let's not give in to the fear of the world, but rise above it. We are being supported by the Universe in a way that is unprecedented! Beings from other realms are not only present, they are actively sharing wisdom. Listening at this time is imperative. Believe what you are given, trust your intuition and open yourself to the possibilities presented at this time. Your abilities have never been more important.

Use your tools; meditation, cards, crystals, dowsing rods, Ouija, pendulum or whatever works for you. Get your practice in order. Cleanse and release negativity in a healthy way. And never forget how vital you are at this time in history. We all have a part to play, we are a piece of the Universal Pattern and must be willing to accept our role with gratitude and joy. And get in touch with me if you have questions. I don't have the answers, but I can help you tap into the energies that do! Live blessed, dear ones.

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