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Why we need to touch

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

So many of us these days seem to be our cars, at our desks and yes, even on social media. We can be sitting right next to someone, yet we are buried in our apps or games and wouldn't even recognize who was sitting with us for the last hour. Those of us who work with energy know that the human part of us, our bodies, are a small part of who we are. When we touch, either physically or energetically, we share a part of who we are. It is a reminder of our sameness, our community oneness, our need for connection. Touching a fellow human being is not always easy...some fear germs, some use judgement, while others don't even feel worthy to touch someone. Know this---ALL BEINGS ARE WORTHY! ALL BEINGS NEED LOVE!!! ALL BEINGS CAN FEEL!!! Touching is necessary for all beings...whether it is physical or energetic. Just remember the last time someone touched your heart...unless you had open-heart surgery, this was not a physical action. Energetic touching is love in action. So, touch someone today...I dare you!

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