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It's been a long time since I've added a post, and really, I have no excuses or reasons why I haven't. I just haven't!

You all know that I communicate best with spirit when I am in or around water, so naturally, I receive messages whether I want to or not when I shower! Most times these are private messages for my learning and growth; however several have been so timely that I know that they must be shared. Today was one of those messages.

I'm sure you are wondering about the title, so let's just dive right in. I have a couple questions first-

1. What makes you happy?

2. Who makes you happy?

3. Where do you need to be to be happy?

Weird questions, right? Here's the weirdest part--they all have the same answer! Here is the crux of the matter:

Nothing can MAKE you happy, no one can MAKE you happy, and no place can MAKE you happy. Being happy is a choice. Choose to be happy amid any and all circumstance. This is not to say that you won't have times of grief and heartache--you will. But the most amazing thing I was told this morning is that "Happiness is the absence of fear and frustration."

I know what you all are thinking--how can we not be fearful and frustrated at this time of pandemic? Great question! Let's take a deeper look at why we are feeling the f-words at this time. Our lives have been disrupted, our schedules are unlike what we are used to and all we hear on the news is doom and gloom. And maybe we can't get our favorite food at the moment. (Or drink!) Ok, I get it. Times are strange and different. But let's remember that the sun comes up each day and goes down each evening, music is still being played, stories are still being written, and ideas are still waiting to be thought about and pondered. We have an opportunity to make our happiness known, not just to ourselves, but to those who have forgotten what happiness is..

Happiness comes from within, and contentment is integral to happiness. Being content with who you are, where you are at in life and the people you share that life with goes a long way to being happy. If you are unhappy, it is up to you to change that! You take yourself with you no matter where you go! Finding joy in the little things will make the big things less anxiety inducing. Make a hot cup of tea for your loved one and yourself and savor the taste, the warmth and the sharing. Play a board game together. Monopoly is finally a game we have time for! Try some new recipes. Paint, draw, craft, play an instrument, sing karaoke, move the furniture around. Little bits and pieces can enrich your soul, can make your heart beat just a bit faster! Let's all remember what we HAVE, right now! The best time to be happy is right now!

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