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Updated: Aug 1, 2019

So many of us ask this question. Why did this happen? Why did I not do this? Why did he say that to me? We spend so much time in Why-land, that we sometimes don't see the beauty of NOW. Trying to understand the workings of the Universe is like trying to catch the wind. It might feel like you have it, only to discover your hands are empty. Wanting to know why is actually just a form of control. We feel if we know the why of things we can stop them from happening again. This is simply EGO tripping. Knowing why is one of the most unsatisfying endeavors we can aspire to. Finding out the why is, in most cases, exceptionally disappointing, mainly because our perception of the event is quite unique and not even close to anyone else's view. Asking why steals your peace, takes your grace and attacks your confidence. Instead of the why question, try asking yourself how do I overcome my fear and mistrust? We can never really know another's motivation, but we can work to be in charge of our response and keep loving and growing in the face of change and adversity. So, don't worry about the "why", concentrate on now and how you can let go of the expectations of others; remember, those expectations do not belong to you!

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