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Exercise 1A-Find your tidbit!

By now you have found your book...and if you haven't well, there's no time limit in this, but if you are serious about your development you must start to listen to the beat of your particular drum! Anyway, back to your book-this next part is actually pretty easy; in fact, I'm sure that 3/4 of you have already done this! Somewhere in your book there is a paragraph, phrase, sentence or word that resonates within you. I like to call it a tidbit. This is your first mantra. Your guides want you to meditate with this mantra in mind. Don't get scared--it's not like you have to speak in tongues or memorize lines! For each one of you, it will be different. My first mantra was a prayer of protection. There is no right or wrong for this. Just go with your gut. If you need to write it down to remember it, do it! But trust me, for now, keep it to one tidbit. I know that many of you are tempted to gather a lot of tidbits, but for the purposes of this exercise, pick one. Keep it simple. Find a quiet place to sit or recline, breathe deeply, close your eyes and picture your mantra in front of you. For some of you, it will be text, others will see color or an image and at least one of you will hear it sung to you. Whatever form your mantra takes, embrace it and let it fill you. This is not meant to be a long meditation; it is more of a centering and opening of communication with your higher self. Just let it flow. Journal your experience. Be honest. If nothing happens, write that. It's ok. You will do this for 3 days in a row. I am hearing that it must be 3 consecutive days, as the experience will be cumulative. Ok. That's all for now.

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